Partial Backups With Dell Litespeed

We currently use Dell’s Litespeed for SQL Server for our SQL backup compression and encryption needs. It has an intuitive GUI, manages log shipping and we are generally pretty happy with it. I’ve got a couple of problem databases where I don’t want the vanilla out of the box full backups. A couple of our data warehouse dbs are now over a terabyte in size and continuing to grow. We’re implementing partitioning to help with index and statistics maintenance as well as backups.

Updating Tables with Read-Only Partitions

I learned an important thing today. I’ve started partitioning our data warehouse and we’ve moved into our testing phase. The partitions are in place, the archive is read-only and once a month the automated partition maintenance kicks off. It all seemed to be going swimmingly until… A¬†couple of times¬†our data warehouse folks have found that an updated to a record on the read-write partition would fail with the following error:

What's In Your SLA?

Lets be honest SLAs are not particularly exciting. It’s a bunch of words you have to put together after (ugh) talking to end users who may not even know you exist. But hands down they are probably one of the most important documents you need to maintain (yes maintain, don’t just make it once and assume you are good). I recently checked in with my local user group and the results were mixed: some had SLAs but they existed for the application, not for the database, some just had an agreed on RPO/RTO (these are the six letters that can get you fired, some had nothing.

Summit 15 in the Rear View Mirror

Summit was intense. I paced myself pretty well I thought but I was still exhausted by the end (even cutting out half a day early). It is a fantastic opportunity not only to learn and grow as a SQL professional but to grow and connect with other DBAs. To that end I quickly realized that the sessions were almost secondary: the value of purchasing the sessions for download or on USB drive is quite high especially once you return and start reviewing your notes and realize how much of them are tied directly back to something that was happening in the session and they make barely any sense.

SQL Saturday #446 & RedGate SQL in the City

So I’m missing out on the Summit 15 keynote this morning as I was sadly paged last night. Between that and the first timers meetup and welcome reception I was completely unable to get up at an appropriate time today. While my work colleague gets ready I wanted to jot down a few impressions from the last few days. SQL Saturday #446: Portland, OR This was my third SQL Saturday in Portland and the event continues to be fantastic for a number of reasons.