Deploying Images & Clones in SQL Clone

I’ve been taking notes hoping to share some lessons learned from our deployment of Red Gate’s SQL Clone but they kept it so deliciously simply and the documentation and worked examples for PowerShell are difficultto improve upon (also we aren’t doing anything too terrible fancy yet either). My only gotcha was learning that if you don’t use the redgate extension (.SQB) for backups that SQL Clone won’t recognize that it was compressed and encrypted with SQL Backup (we’ve wrapped an existing backup procedure around the SQL Backup proc that preserved our old naming conventions when we switched to the new backup tool). The work around was simple: replace the backup file extension prior to creating the image from the backup. If you think that you could benefit from cloning your databases to replicate (and mask) production data I encourage you to check it out. In the meantime I’ll see if I can find a use case or work around that needs some more documentation as we roll it out for our test group.

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