Why I’m Hoping I Can Attend Training with the SQL Skills Team

I’ve been eyeing the training programs at SQLSkills for some time now. I’ve managed to catch a couple of SQL Skills team’s sessions at Summit and they have been very helpful and very informative. I’ve only been doing this gig for 4 years now and every webinar, SQL Saturday or Summit has been a wealth of useful information that I’ve been able to take back and use to do my job better. I’m starting to reach that tipping point where I probably should start looking at what I know that I could share with others but frankly there is so much I still don’t know (at least not a level that satisfies me anyway) I’m not quite there yet. Which is one of the reasons the IEOTO1 has been on my radar (even when it was just IE1). I work primarily with a lot of 3rd party databases and I’ve found that even though I can do less with them most of my wins come from a better understanding of SQL internals which the SQLSkills team has in spades. I want to attend training because I want to be better at my job today, tomorrow and next year. SQL Server fundamentals to feel completely intuitive to me is just the very beginning of that path. I also need a chance to get an authentic Chicago Italian beef, but that would just be a bonus.

If you’d like to attend SQLSkills training they are running a competition now for a free seat at one of their training courses (IEPTO1 or IEPTO2) details are here.

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